Home Decorating Ideas With Burlap

For many people, childhood just wasn’t complete without reading about the Little House on the Prairie or creating their own adventures in the great outdoors. Some people are just ingrained with an unmatched love for log cabins, wood floors, cooking dinner over an open fire, and cleaning the floor with the strokes of a broom instead of an electric-powered vacuum. You do not need to be the proud owner of a log cabin or even live near the woods or mountains to obtain the style of home that you want. Modern homes, whether they are in the city or country, can benefit from rustic décor. Whether you are trying to deck out your entire home in rustic style or just looking for ideas for a thematic room or event, rustic designs are a unique eye-catcher to combat ordinary designs.

Interior Accents

Decorating in the rustic home involves natural accents to complement the simple style of the home. For wooden floors, throw rugs are traditionally used to help keep the feet warm and comfortable particularly in areas near the sink and stove. Not only do they provide physical comfort, but they are a welcoming sight as well.

Many homes are decorated with pots of plants or flowers. Supplementing this greenery with twigs will create a more “woodsy” outdoor feel. Decorate bedposts or railings with vine. Be sure to include practical approaches such as choosing furniture that compliments a designated theme. If your kitchen or dining room is equipped with a bar, consider purchasing rustic bar stools. Other furniture such as wicker chairs will help achieve the desired look.

Burlap for All Occasions

Adding a rustic theme to buildings or property does not need to be an expensive venture. Burlap is a treasure when it comes to rustic decorations. It can be used in the home, on costumes, outdoors, and is especially helpful for special events and holidays to help keep the rustic feel for any occasion. Though burlap is commonly used as a strong sack to harbor objects and protect them from wet environments, there is more than meets the eye to this material.


Burlap adds a simple yet rustic and outdoorsy touch to any decoration. Perhaps its best uses are outdoors in the fall for such occasions as Halloween. Burlap is often used as part of a scarecrow. Stuffing a bag of burlap serves well as a scarecrow head attached to a flannel shirt and an old pair of jeans. Additionally, burlap is a naturally tattered-looking material. It is ideal for adding a haunted theme to any setting. Shredding strips of this material is a great way to make creepy curtains. If burlap is used as part of a costume, be sure to wear a layer of clothing between your skin and the burlap, as burlap is very coarse and will cause irritation.

Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

Burlap is possibly the most appropriately used decoration at Thanksgiving time. Its natural fibers create the rustic, harvest time feel that accentuate the season and can allow anyone to identify with the pilgrims who are commemorated on this holiday. Burlap can be purchased by the yard. Select the appropriate size according to your table. Simply lay the burlap over the table and cut to the appropriate length and width. To add some fun to this decoration, pull a few strands of the burlap long at intervals throughout the cloth. This will add a raggedy feel to the centerpiece.1

For the Outdoor Lover

For those who seek an outdoor feel in their own home, try the following option. Purchase a large piece of burlap tailored to fit a specific portion of your wall. Using starch as an adhesive, apply the burlap to the wall. If the burlap pulls away from the wall in any place, add more starch until the piece lay completely flat against the wall. Since burlap already has several small holes throughout, you may now hook on any décor you wish such as large fishing lures. Additionally, place nails or brackets along the burlap to hang that mounted trophy bass, a straw hat, or various furs. For more information on adhering the burlap to the wall, follow the instructions in the second resource below.

Creating a rustic feel in the home is limited only by the extent of your imagination. Using everyday resources such as twigs, vines, and burlap enhance the outdoor quality of any decoration at a reasonable cost.

Paul Galla, President

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